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Nordic children- and youthconference

The 18-21 september Sweden will host the 8th Nordic Children and youthconference. This conference has been held every three years and has rotated between the different Nordic countries since 1996. The main objective for this meeting is to maintain a cross-border relationship and discuss current issues that affect all countries.
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Preconditions for the conference

Slides from the conference
Young people in and about sports - Susanna Hedenborg
Growing up 2014 - Ungdomsbarometern
Challenges for the future - Mattias Claesson

Programme for the conference



Theme for the conference
Prerequisites/Conditions for children and youth sport clubs in the future

Participating countries
Finland,Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Åland and Faroe Island

Particpating sports
American football

Participants from sport
Each country is entitled to attend the conference with up to three people from each sport,preferably one elected official,  one officer and one youth.

Link to applicationform
Applicationform Only participating countries can apply

Venue for the conference
Bosön-Swedish National Sports Complex https://boson.nu/en/  

Skribent: Peter Eriksson
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Contact for the conference

Anders Wahlström


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Peter Eriksson

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Box 11016
100 61 Stockholm

Besöksadress: Skansbrogatan 7
118 60 Stockholm

Kontakt:Tel: +4686996000
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